FASHION MEETS FAITH: Color Swatches For You!!

Finding your color isn’t as hard as you think, and shopping for those colors is now easier than ever. We are now introducing digital color swatches so you can take your colors anywhere in digital form! I hope you enjoy today’s video! 

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Eyeglasses For Gray Hair!

As we grow older our eyesight begins to fade, and our gray hair starts to show. So in today’s video, I will be showing you the best eyeglasses for gray hair! It is inevitable these things happen, however, you can style them in ways that fit YOU!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: What To Wear With White Jeans!!!

In today’s video, I will be showing you what to wear with your white jeans. I love love love my white jeans, there are truly so many combinations of styles that can be created! With the help of the Closet Outfit Planner, I was able to construct six beautiful combinations for you all!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: The Best Pattern Trends This Spring!!

  FASHION MEETS FAITH with HOST SHARI BRAENDEL VIDEO PODCAST Spring is rolling around very quickly, so in today’s video, I will be giving you the best pattern trends this spring! Spring is filled with beautiful colors, and these trends combine them all. From tie-dye to animal print, I will be showing the best way […]

FASHION MEETS FAITH: The Best Shoes for the Spring of ’22

Spring is near and that means new shoe styles for the spring season! In today’s video, I will be sharing my favorite 2022 Shoe Styles for this spring. Whether it’s a walk in the park or date night, here are my picks for footwear this spring season!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Prep My Spring + Summer Style

  FASHION MEETS FAITH with HOST SHARI BRAENDEL VIDEO PODCAST Today I’m sharing five simple ways I prep my appearance for Spring and Summer! From switching over to lighter undergarments to swapping out my go-to handbag, I’ll show you how the little changes can make a BIG difference! All the links for shopping this video […]

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Spring Cleaning Your Marriage

Spring has almost sprung and we don’t know about you, but that makes us want to clean! It’s a season of making all things new, and we want that to include your marriage. Join us on this episode as we help you know what the steps are to spring clean your marriage with the same intention you open your windows and clean your house!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: How To Prep Your Closet For Spring

The Spring Closet Outfit Planner comes out THIS WEEK, and I am so excited for you to see what we’ve created for you!! To help you get ready for the planner and keep that seasonal transition simple, I’m taking you into my own closet to show you how I’m personally prepping for spring (with the Closet Outfit Planner in mind)!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: The Most Wearable Spring Shoe Trends!

This week I’m sharing my FAVORITE shoe trends for Spring 2021! There were so many to choose from, so I decided to tell you about the most wearable options. From loafers to combat boots, I know you’re going to love these looks and be surprised by a few!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: Announcing the 2021 Spring Colors!

I’m so excited to share Pantone’s 2021 spring colors on today’s Style Tip!!! We’ll go over how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, my personal favorites, and the neutrals that will be trending throughout the season!

Opening Seasons

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