SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Recognizing and Renewing Your Mindset

Our poor minds are being inundated with information at a rate that is faster than we can handle. And this fast-paced world keeps us occupied so much that we don’t take the time to consider how our mind is doing. But we don’t have to stay stuck in attitudes or moods. Recognizing and renewing our mindset is possible!

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Pursuing God’s Perspective

We have looked at how we lost perspective, what the past did to shape our perspective, what is affecting our perspective in the present, what being in Christ should do to our perspective, and now finally what is God’s perspective for us and this world? And how do we pursue His perspective instead of getting trapped in the world’s perspectives? Listen in as Denise explores God’s perspective versus man’s.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Looking to the Present

All month long we are trying to realign our perspective to God’s. First, we had to recognize the shift that has happened in our perspective and to do so, we are looking to God’s word, to our past and now this week to our present. We can grow accustomed to our status quo so much so that we do not question our perspective or modus operandi. Listen in as Denise shares how to shift our present perspective to be more like Christ’s.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective—Looking to the Past

The breaching of the capital perhaps can waken us up for the need to not just believe the perspective we are hearing from either camp. So how do we find truth? How do we regain our perspective when we have let our perspective be tainted in a fallen world? By looking to the past. The past can be a tutor if we are willing to listen. 

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: Finding Perspective

Our perspective affects our lives profoundly. One of the tactics of the enemy is to cause us to lose perspective. Confused and disillusioned, we try to find the meaning of this life. To find perspective we need to relinquish our own and ask for God’s. Listen in as Denise shares how we can lose the world’s perspective and gain God’s.

Beautifully Made

Every cell woven in a tapestry of love

It is all a reflection of who you are

Growing In Godly Wisdom

If we approach reading the Bible as informational rather than transformational, that’s all it will ever be to us—information.

The Freedom of God

Outreach Church welcomes Dan Mohler to the upstate for a special Wednesday night message.

The Spirituality of God

For others, to say that someone is spiritual is to suggest that he or she has a generic interest in religious or supernatural matters. However, to speak of SPIRITUALITY as an Attribute of God is to identify Him as a spirit — an immaterial, invisible, and infinite being that is fundamentally distinct from every material, visible, and finite creatures.


We are the translators to the world around us of what God is doing and saying. Plan to be a beacon. Ask for someone to be put there for you to love on. Face your moments with intentionality in mind

Spiritual Warriors in the End Times

We need to put on the Armor of God and leave it on. We should be sleeping in it. This should be our norm. We are here to be spiritual warriors.