spiritual warfare

In the End God Wins

Day 358-362 of Bible Reading Plan – In all the struggles and strife on the earth, we can rejoice because in, the end, God wins.

Fight Like a Girl

The moment that we become complacent or let our guard down or put away our weapons, we are sunk.

The Sword of the Spirit

“Remember that not only is God’s Word the tool of His judgment, but it was also the tool of creation.”

MIMIKA TV: Warrior Dancer

Despite what we see in the world right now, there is always hope. Even though the fight is hard, the good news is that we have already won the battle! The better choice is to rise above the noise and learn to dance.


Day 231 of Bible Reading Plan – Friends, our faith is a fight. It is a fight against sin. A fight against false doctrine and the sins that so easily corrupt. A fight against the resistance we so often face as we seek to share God’s truth that we have been entrusted with. As Paul said, we have to be aware that this walk will be a fight and we need to choose to fight the good fight.

The Bully of Bullies (Part 1)

Remember, the Bully has his schemes (His favorites are lies and accusation/condemnation). But don’t be his next victim.

Struck by Fiery Arrows

Fiery Arrows happened. Again. And again. I felt as though I was pinned to the target, suffocating, and dying emotionally and spiritually.