spiritual health

Spiritual Health Checkup

If we are good about getting physical checkups, maybe we should also be good about conducting spiritual health checkups.

The Meaning of Holiness

We become holy, not so that we can primarily behave better but so that we can bless the world in the name of Jesus.

When Raccoons Attack

While it may feel like the enemy has the upper hand today, he never gets to win. God has a plan to restore all the places that the enemy has broken down.

Transition Waves

Change is the visitor who never leaves and is simultaneously always coming soon. I am learning to sleep while rocking ferociously across transition waves.

How to Exercise Your Spirit

The plans He has are usually far grander than anything you may come up with. After all, His thoughts and ways are much higher than our thoughts and ways. Submitting to the Lord is learning to trust that His ways are the best ways.