spiritual battle

Fight Like a Girl

The moment that we become complacent or let our guard down or put away our weapons, we are sunk.


Day 231 of Bible Reading Plan – Friends, our faith is a fight. It is a fight against sin. A fight against false doctrine and the sins that so easily corrupt. A fight against the resistance we so often face as we seek to share God’s truth that we have been entrusted with. As Paul said, we have to be aware that this walk will be a fight and we need to choose to fight the good fight.

Spiritual Warfare

I do see, however, a lack of understanding among many, that we are in a season of mass spiritual warfare!

You Will Not Steal My Joy!

We, however, can live joyful lives even in the midst of not-so-perfect situations. We can reject the whispers and times we are tempted to dwell on those things that bring us down.

Someone Else’s Hunger

If it’s important to me that I serve others well and fill their stomachs, why is it not a priority to fill mine?