south carolina

Two Journeys

The journey of faith is a paradox of these two journeys. As we pursue God, we are pushed out of our comfort zones and into the unknown many times.

Stay with God

I’m a pretty adaptable person. I mean, I’ve lived sleeping my nights on a futon in a tiny room in Mexico for two months with Calvin.

The Place Where MLK Dreamed

Anyone who makes that right turn at the Gullah Grub Restaurant can pull onto the property of the Penn Center and dream the same dreams as Dr. King.

It Will Be Well

The Shunammite woman speaks out of her belief in what would be, rather than what wasn’t.

Get Your Hopes Up

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey’s Sunday message on daring to believe that He is able!

Keepers of the Flame

Listen to Outreach Church’s Weyman Dodson with an encouraging and challenging message on being keepers of the faith.

Living Philippians 2

Listen to Outreach Pastor’s Roy Geesey with a message on the simple truth that will transform everyday life.

The Kayak That Almost Killed Me

Water started rushing into the boat, and I tipped even more. The weight of the water began crushing the kayak, wrapping it around the tree. I thought I was going to die. Yes, you read that right. Die.

Chasing Sunsets

To this day, I still chase the moments that allow for risk and look forward to that drive to Folly where I feel myself come alive through the beauty of nature and the infiniteness of us all.