Can You Love Jesus More?

It’s important to remember that love is an attribute of God but love is not God. Love exists for both those who know God and those who do not.

Oh Momma! Celebrating Moms and Sons: Part 2

Episode #118 – Mommas raising boys looks a little different than raising daughters, but much remains the same. Our greatest goal is not that our sons will be like us but that they will be like Jesus.

Mark’s Gospel: Riches

After boasting of his faithfulness to the commandments, he walked away in shame when Jesus revealed what was lacking in his life.

Mark’s Gospel: Greatest

Jesus asked the parents of a small child if He could hold the child. Perhaps they knew who He was, but at least they sensed He could be trusted.

Mark’s Gospel: Glimpse

They fell face forward to the ground—the shining light, the three mystical beings, and the booming voice—were all too much for them.

Mark’s Gospel: Confession

Jesus knew that beliefs privately held possessed an innate power and when those beliefs were publicly spoken, that innate power externalized.

Which Jesus?

Jesus is so much more than a lovey-dovey, people-pleasing pacifist whose goal is to get people to like Him and to make us happy.

Jesus: The Archegos

Episode 11 – In today’s episode, we are going to start to look at our way out of the rebellion: Jesus – the archegos.

Our Testimonies: Donna Miller

If you don’t have someone you’re walking next to in life that is leading you towards wisdom, holiness, and godliness, then I pray that our Father would bring someone.

Rebel Cause

Episode 10 – In today’s episode of the podcast, we take a look at the reason we needed someone like Jesus.

The Christmas Story: Anna

Her energy began to fade as she paused to breathe. Simeon took a step toward her as with new strength she continued.

Jesus is Greater than the Angels

Episode 9 – Today, as we read Hebrews 1:5-14, we are going to look at the four arguments the author makes for why Jesus is greater than the angels.

The Christmas Story: Manger

In the silence, the Baby Jesus began to cry. His soft cries stuck the kings and shepherds like hammer blows to the heart.

God, Be Merciful!

I choose a lofty perch,

Above the flow of mercy,

Far from the reach of grace.

Our Infertility Journey (So Far)

She told me this was the better of the diagnoses, this was treatable, and she could work with it. I didn’t think she’d be wrong or consider she meant “with enough money.”


God’s character and existence do not change. He will never contradict His own Word. But will He speak to us?

What You Need Most

Episode #48 – We have a lot of options in life, but what is it that you need most?