SixEight Church

Difficult Questions

We are wrestling with some of the big questions and problems that people have with Christianity, starting with: How Can There Only Be One Way To God?

Jesus is Belief

Episode 8 – Today, we’re going to get a good look at how Jesus is belief Himself.

The Tower Principle

Episode 7 – Today we’re going to look at what I call “The Tower Principle” from one of Jesus’ parables.

How Do We Change?

Episode 6 – In today’s episode of “The Jesus Habit Podcast,” we take a break from our daily devotionals and look at all the core components necessary to change.

Why Do You Want To Change?

Episode 5 – What is the “why” that drives your life? Why do you want to change? What is going to carry you through this journey?

What Do You Want To Change?

Episode 4 – In today’s episode, we talk about figuring out what exactly you want to work on, grow in, and become more like Jesus.

Believe You Can

Episode 3 – Today we take a look at the critical role belief plays in the transformation process. Do you think you can change?

The Need For Change

Episode 1 – As we prepare to go through the book of Hebrews, we start by preparing ourselves for the change God may want to do in our lives.

Who’s Driving?

Episode 69 – Sadly, many Christians have inadvertently hitched their cars to the jelly of the month club, A.K.A: what’s popular right now.

Non-Absorbent Paper Towels

Episode 68 – We can’t build God’s kingdom and our own at the same time. Our kingdom is the stuff non-absorbent paper towels are made of.

Consumed Consumers

Episode 67 – The mission God has given your church hasn’t changed since Jesus issued it. Make disciples.

How To Beat Rebellion

Episode 66 – That was the only way for God to address our rebellious nature. Not by imposing the demands of a religious system, but by pouring it out. 

A Living Vs. A Hobby

Episode 65 – The question is: are we Christ-followers or Culture-followers. Who has the lead in my life?

Courteous Conversations

Episode 63 – Why do we let our opinions around difficult topics such as these divide us as the church?

Anxiety & Rest

Episode 62 – Are you struggling with anxiety? Could it be that your beliefs or actions are out of alignment with God’s promises?

Belief Is A Demonstration

Episode 61 – Are we going to hide our faith and only bring it out when we’re around other believers and hide it under a basket the rest of the time?

Jesus Is Greater

Episode 60 – What other savior or redeemer has been brought back from the dead? Who else has gone through death in our place?

Submitting To Authorities

Episode 59 – When any of us make the choice NOT to submit to our spiritual authorities, we are in the wrong.

Outside The City Gates

Episode 58 – But, to experience the joy of Jesus in our lives today, we may have to leave behind the comforts of what we have always known.

Overwhelmed With Change

Episode 57 – Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. None of this change we are experiencing is a surprise to God. He knew what we would do.