Illuminating the Dark

God brings my sin to the light so that I can be met with the full force of His grace, His love, and His mercies.

It’s Time to Fight

Day 364 of Bible Reading Plan – I don’t mean a fistfight, praise God! But the church needs to rise up and be the church. We need to contend for the faith, friends! It’s time to fight but fight in the Spirit and with God’s word. Let’s be used to rescuing others so they can join us in the fight against evil!

How to Resist Corruption

Day 351 of Bible Reading Plan – One of the most significant battles we will face in this life is the battle of the mind as we war within and try to defeat sin. But next to that chief battle is the need to be wise regarding the influence of people around us that can pull us away from devotion to God.

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: How to Deal with Toxic Relationships

Episode #105 – Toxicity in relationships is a part of the fall. Sin corrupts. But no matter what the problems are that we have in our relationships, God can help us to relate to one another. Listen in as Denise and Allison share how to deal with toxic relationships.

The Blessing of Reform

Day 345 of Bible Reading Plan – No one likes to be called out, right? But would it be kind to leave someone in sin? If we did not have the Law, we would not be aware of our sins.

EVERYDAY DISCERNMENT PODCAST: Every Man’s Battle with Steve Arterburn

Episode #27 – Steve Arterburn is the founder and chairman of New Life Ministries and host of the Christian counseling talk show New Life Live!  He is the founder of the Women of Faith conferences and is the teaching pastor in Carmel, Indiana.  He has written many books including the best-selling book “Every Man’s Battle.”

Being on the Jesus Team

Day 336 of Bible Reading Plan – Growing up I remember what it felt like to be in the “unpopular group”. The “popular peeps” wouldn’t so much as look at the “unpopulars,” other than to grimace at them or to mock them. But when the “unpopulars” were noticed by someone perceived to be greater than them, now that meant something.

Overcoming Apathy and Igniting Passion

Day 323 of Bible Reading Plan – Just going with the flow living in the status quo is not the abundant life God had in mind. But overcoming apathy and igniting passion in our lives is going to take a continual, intentional effort.

God Remembers

Day 318 of Bible Reading Plan – God remembers. He never forgets, yet He was willing to cover our sins. Sometimes when it seems like the world is going crazy, God remembers. God sees us. God still has a plan.

THE JESUS HABIT PODCAST: We Are What We Repeatedly Do

Episode 125 – Do you know those older people who can’t remember anything, but if you start singing a hymn, they can sing right along with you? How does that happen? People say habits form in 20 days and 40 days, but is that really how long it takes? Or is there more to it than that? And isn’t following Jesus supposed to be more “organic” than that?

Our Memory Makes Us

We have to go back to our hardest memories, those moments when we decided life truths and speak the Gospel to them.

Living in the Grace Paradigm: Extending the Grace We Receive

Day 266 of Bible Reading Plan – Sometimes we mess up and make mistakes that seem to be beyond repair. That’s a perfect situation for God’s grace. God freely gives us grace when we confess and repent, but do we do the same for others? Living in the grace paradigm means we extend the grace we have also received.

Woe Christian

If you find yourself looking down on those different than you, you have a sin issue! Pride.

Got Sin in the Game

Episode #127 – Listen as Denise Pass and Jennifer Elwood discuss how to counter sins behind racism and biblically-sound ways to address the top five sins lurking behind racism’s shadow.