Called to Follow

As we learn what a great leader looks like biblically, it will act as a grid by which we will examine the leaders to whom we will submit ourselves.

The Road to Christmas Part Three

Read Part One here, and Part Two here. “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill toward men. ”Oh. that today the human family could recognize that song! The declaration then made, the note then struck, will swell to the close of time, and resound to the ends of the earth. […]

Luke’s Gospel: Joseph

This was not rapid transit; each roll of the donkey’s backbone felt like it would bring on labor pains.

The Christmas Story: Simeon

While they waited, Simeon, elderly and a stranger to them, obviously a priest but not one on duty, approached them.

The Christmas Story: Shepherds

From the brightest point a figure began to form—a man, tall and powerful—within the light but also made of light or something like it.