What the World Needs Now

We need to get over ourselves and learn to love others despite the differences. We need to learn to love even when it costs us something.

The Art of Friendship, Part 2

Episode #108 – When we understand the value that God places on relationships, we see the purposes in which friendships are all about Kingdom work.

People and Stories

Episode #101 – Since God is love, if we want to become love, we have to spend more time with God if we stand a chance of becoming like Him.

Ambassadors of Good

Episode #96 – “Whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me” has become so popular and overused that we probably tend to gloss over at the reading of this story. 

How to Form Healthy Relationships

Episode #106 – Expectations and selfishness can kill relationships. To find a healthy relationship, we have to be healthy ourselves.

Are We On the Same Page?

He may be trying to talk to you about something really important. Make sure you are available to hear it.

Someone Else’s Hunger

If it’s important to me that I serve others well and fill their stomachs, why is it not a priority to fill mine?