As One

The oneness of the Godhead, the Trinity, can never be sealed off, nor can His glory!


Join Jenn + Summer as they dive into the environmental factors that either help or hinder your personal spiritual growth. They address the tough topics of leaving behind people, places, or things that no longer serve.

When Heaven Came Down

God had other plans for how to house His Spirit in the earth, and it all began with Jesus!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 4 Tips to Set Back the Clock with Makeup

Is your makeup aging you? This week I invited my friend and makeup artist, Renee, to share a few of her favorite tips for setting back the clock with your makeup! We talk about the importance of eyebrows, why a little shine can do wonders for your skin, and the pros and cons of botox!


Time after time He graciously gives His children chance after chance to turn their lives around.

The Call To Service

God has given his children the glory of bearing the sword as His army in service.  

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Planting Seeds in Your Children

Today’s episode is part 3 in the Ready, Set, Grow series. We’re talking all about the seeds that fall from your marriage into the lives of your children. Those seeds can be healthy and filled with love, conflict resolution, kindness, and good communication, or they can be unhealthy ones filled with criticism, strife, impatience, or mediocrity.

Only Way To Live

If we don’t keep in step with the Spirit, that’s when we get out of step and out of line.