ALONG THE WAY: From Failure to The Chosen with Dallas Jenkins

Episode #33 – Dallas Jenkins dreamed of making it big in Hollywood but when his big break bombed God spoke to him “It’s not your job to feed the 5000, it’s your job to provide the fish.” Hear how failure led Dallas to create the largest ever crowdfunded media project, “The Chosen”

ALONG THE WAY: O Little Town of Bethlehem with Mark Cornacchione

Episode #77 – Christmas Eve 2003, Host John Matarazzo and Mark Cornacchione were part of a team that spent 6 weeks ministering in Israel from mid-December to the end of January. God gave them an opportunity of a lifetime… to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, on Christmas Eve. Mark and John reminisce about the life-changing events from that mission trip.

ALONG THE WAY: Cleaning Up Management Waste with Larry O’Donnell

Episode #76 – Larry O’Donnell is known for his Servant Leadership and that made way for him to be the very first “Undercover Boss” for the popular CBS show. He shares his journey of finding success as well as learning from failures in faith, family, and career. 

ALONG THE WAY: Heal the Wound but Leave the Scar with Leigh Cappillino

Episode #26 – Leigh Cappillino was born to sing. Her vocal talents and stage presence led her on a musical journey through life and ministry. A change in her life season opened the door to join the legendary all-female singing group, Point of Grace. Music is truly the heart of her home.

ALONG THE WAY: Asking Better Questions – with Dean Nelson

Episode #75 – Asking better questions is key if you want to have life-changing conversations. Dean Nelson is an award-winning journalist, author, and Director of Point Loma Nazarene University’s journalism program. He is always looking for the deeper story in his interviews and he has even found that God Hides in Plain Sight.

ALONG THE WAY: God Uses Bridges and Cracked Pots with Patsy Clairmont

Episode #25 – Patsy Clairmont was agoraphobic and afraid to leave her bed. She called out to God for help and she heard him say “Make your bed”. That was the first step that led to a public speaking ministry and authoring many books. Hear her story and the new podcast that she and Andrew Greer are doing together that is bridging the generational gap.

ALONG THE WAY: Fast Past the Deception Point with Barry Zungre

Episode #74 – After Barry Zungre was radically saved, he wanted to be a missionary. After several years with YWAM, God called him back into the business world where he started a successful Computer business. Fasting Past the Deception Point has always been a key way for Barry to seek God’s voice to make important decisions.

ALONG THE WAY: Getting the Heart on Paper with Ken Abraham

Episode #24 – Ken Abraham has written 95+ books for amazing people from Buzz Aldrin to Bill Gaither, Jim Baker to Joel Osteen, John Ashcroft to Joe Gibbs and so many more. Hear how God redeems and doesn’t let any experience go to waste.

ALONG THE WAY: Upset The World with Tim Ross

Episode #73 – Tim Ross wanted to be a Detective with the police but God Upset His Plans and led him into the pulpit. God has led him to pastor under T.D. Jakes and Robert Morris before being sent out to pioneer Embassy City Church in the most diverse zip code in the US. Tim Ross is a man who God is using to Upset The World

ALONG THE WAY: They Lied To Us with Victoria Robinson

Episode #72 – When Victoria Robinson realized that she was pregnant again she thought that she couldn’t handle another child so she decided to have an abortion. The physical, emotional, and spiritual wound from that broke her inside. In this conversation, she shares how God brought people into her life that helped her find forgiveness, hope, and healing. Now, she is a pro-life advocate, promoter, and author of the best selling book “The Lied To Us”

ALONG THE WAY: The French Connection with Manu DeMaleprade

Episode #21 – French Evangelist, Manu DeMaleprade shares his journey of hearing God speaking secrets of how to minister to others in ways that they really need it. His AlongTheWay moments include sharing Words of Knowledge, locked out praying all night for healing, and finding his wife in an unexpected way