Race and Healing

In this thought-provoking and challenging interview, Pastor Daniel Day sits down with three ordained ministers to discuss Race and Healing.

The River and the Swamp

Do you know people whose whole life seems to be drama and combat, just messy from the time they wake up every morning? Do they reside in a swamp in every area of their existence? The critical question is: Do you want to be like them?

Why I Stopped Belittling My Children

He’s so loving, and my children deserve parents who demonstrate as many characteristics of who He is as possible. My most important task is to point them to Him.

Overcome Your Hang-Ups

Nothing ever gets healed fully unless we go down to the root and pull the entire plant up. We can trim the branches or even saw it down to a stump, but if the roots are still there, it hasn’t left us for good. True healing comes from deep vulnerability.