Enough Is Literally Enough

Episode #7 – Kassi recalls a time in her life when anxiety and panic attacks ruled almost every decision she made. Find out what helped her push through one of the lowest anxiety valleys and how it continues to help her enjoy her present days as well. 

A Spiritual House Call

It has been necessary for me to set up some practical safeguards in my life that enable me to continue to live with joy and peace regardless of my circumstances. 

Mark’s Gospel: Introduction

Fasting, prayer, isolation, and communion with the Father as the Spirit led, were now in order for the One who had come so far to do so much for so many.

Daily Quiet Time

Surrounded by mountains and creeks, I began to find a special peace doing things like sitting on my back porch to watch a sunset. I started going on hikes on Saturday mornings, sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. These were ways for me not only to escape my newfound concerns and anxieties but also confront them more calmly.