Look To The Mountains

Kingdom-minded sons and daughters realize that God shall complete what He began on this earth, through them.

Biblical Leadership

At the final judgment, men will cast all their crowns at the feet of Jesus…until that day comes,
God looks for, calls, and appoints men and women who will lead in every area of life, including the church.

New Garments Given

The swaddling cloth that once encircled this newborn baby, Jesus, is now a Robe of Righteousness that covers the floor of heaven.

God’s Got You

When we don’t have a clear and correct view of God, we cannot live the way God designed us to live.

Teach Me

Yes, God’s Word preserves our life.  When we seek out His Word, we become free.

Luke’s Gospel: Rejection

The moment had come for Him to tell His friends and family who He was. They needed to know. It would explain so much!

Matthew’s Gospel: Galilee

His ministry was different from that of John. He would call people to repentance as John did, but Jesus would also bring a new perspective on the Old Covenant

Matthew’s Gospel: Forerunner

John’s message began with repentance of sin but went well beyond that. His was a call to prepare for what God was about to do.

Let it Rain!

We ask for the windows of Heaven to be opened.  Bring a shower of refreshing and a fresh wind of blessing to sweep across our lives.

Robe Of Righteousness

Your robe is not only a key that gives access to the
Father; it is who you are. You are righteous through
Jesus who gave it to you.

The Coming Middle East War

As we witness tensions rise with the US and Iran, many are speculating if a possible confrontation may occur between Israel, Russia, Iran and its proxies. The Bible has been saying this very thing for over 2,500 years now that this will occur in the last days.

Peace in His Perfection

We cannot be perfect this side of Heaven. Our goal is only to settle into His perfection where we can find His perfect peace and His perfect joy.