Intimacy with God


I want to surround my husband, children, friends, and yes, even myself with a tone that is set from beautiful Biblical wisdom and not from the things of this earth.

Occupied with Joy

The secret to strength unto contentment and satisfaction is through Him, and in Him.

“God! Where Are You?!”

When you feel alone and as if no one cares … go to the One who has promised to be Your constant Companion and your very best Friend.

Triune Transformation

This is the way the triune God works redemption into our lives: cycle-by-cycle bringing us through growth in Relationship-Identity-Destiny, each time adding another layer.

Truth Hurts

If your relationship with God is based upon anything besides that one truth, “Follow Jesus”, then you do not have a relationship with God.

Leaving The Familiar

We are being prepared— emptied of all that is familiar and prepared to walk as the King’s bride and to risk everything to find favor in his sight.

Wrestling With the Truth!

How many out there are attempting to gain in the Revelatory Knowledge area (The Tree of Knowledge) apart from having an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ (the Tree of Life)?