The Reply

God wants us to walk in high integrity, for He knows it makes us whole and undivided. 

Living a Holy Life

Day 242 of Bible Reading Plan – In today’s reading, the Psalmist shows us what a holy life looks like. Not a to-do list, but a way of life that is part of the authentic relationship we can have with God.

Let it Begin with Me

Day 235 of Bible Reading Plan – There are a lot of problems in the world. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming and we don’t know how we can make a difference. But let it begin with me. And you. When we are people of integrity who pursue understanding rather than presumption and who live for God’s glory, we affect the world around us.

The Great Unmasking

But we have also witnessed the heroic and the courageous, those willing to place themselves in harm’s way — those willing to stand up to the challenges of this healthcare crisis.

The Christmas Story: Craftsman

He continues that ministry today with skillful craftsman’s hands, now scarred by nails, as He makes all things new for those of us who love and follow Him.

My King: The Chalice of Tribute

‘Twas a time of the Knight. When quests and fables abound. When man fought to live and lived for conquest. A time of trolls and dragons. Such lore that stirred the heart to seek out the truth.

Darkness Exposed

Be steadfast in your secret place, make your own history with God so that, when something tries to shake you, it’s impossible for it to prevail.

Billy Graham & Taking Integrity to Heart

We need to trust God to help us resist temptation and the appearance of evil. He will protect our hearts if we rely upon His strength. Rules are helpful, but it’s God’s power in the end that keeps us from sin.