Royal Sisterhood

Episode #10 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife. What do you believe to be true about the Holy Spirit; and about salvation?

Genesis 13

Episode #13 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife. Walking through Genesis 13

I Have Had Enough, Lord

Yes, He provides rest and food for a discouraged servant. Oh, what our God of mercy can do!  

Come Whatever Wave

Submerged by doubt. Submerged by fear.
Submerged by despair if our deliverer wasn’t near.


Episode #16 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife

Stay with God

I’m a pretty adaptable person. I mean, I’ve lived sleeping my nights on a futon in a tiny room in Mexico for two months with Calvin.

The Fear of Eternity

It wasn’t until I read the novella, Stories of Your Life and Others, by Ted Chiang—which inspired a blockbuster film, Arrival—that I began to understand things.

It’s Easy To Forget

Episode #45 – Remember! Don’t throw away your confidence now, it is going to be richly rewarded. 

Flee at Once

Episode #42 – We have the right and responsibility to enter into God’s presence. That’s the only way we are transformed.

Soap & Water

Episode #41 – There are just some things that soap and water can’t fix. 

You Can Handle It!

My brothers and my sisters, I may not know the full extent of your circumstances, your situation, or your storm, but God wants you to know that you can handle it!

It’s Way Too Hot In Here

I had to be open-minded. My high school friends weren’t at college with me to be my “fallbacks.” There was no “comfort zone” for me.