Matthew’s Gospel: Heart

When the heart betrays the mind, this powerful imagination can be a temptress, leading us to dwell on sinful, destructive things.imag

Great Expectations

When our hearts are healthy and free, we are able to dream, and thus allow God to use our imagination to partner with Him to see His will accomplished in our lives.

Pure Imagination

I don’t believe that God sits in heaven frowning at us when we use our imaginations as a part of how we frame our theology. He gave us imagination for a reason.

The Rainbow Pearl

“How will I know if the pearl chooses me, Grandfather?” “You mustn’t worry your pretty head over it, Felice. You will know when it comes time if it’s meant to be you.”

Inspiration and Imagination

God never erases us. He works through us by allowing us to share in His imagination. Your product will always carry your personality as well as God’s.

The Supernatural Magic of Heaven

When the Holy Spirit fills you, He takes up every nook and cranny until you overflow. God is the giver of big dreams, so that yearning as a child and as an adult is part of an incredible imagination that we should not try to extinguish, rather we should try to fuel.