MIMIKA TV: Calling and Mindset

If you have lost the idea of what your calling, purpose, gifts, and talents are; you need to peel back the layers to rediscover them. If you have felt stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled in what you are doing, listen and be inspired. You might closer than you think!

Triune Transformation

This is the way the triune God works redemption into our lives: cycle-by-cycle bringing us through growth in Relationship-Identity-Destiny, each time adding another layer.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Best of Season 1 – Reveal

This conclusion of the Best of Season 1 3-Part Series features excerpts from conversations with Amy Carroll, Alisha Illian, and Sue Duffield. These impacting moments will help you balance a tender heart and a strong voice, ground your identity in Christ, and embrace the healing power of humor.

4 Principles for Developing Character

After years of pushing myself beyond my own personal limits, it finally became clear
that I needed to stop chasing performance and start getting comfortable with who I am.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Identity and the Gospel with the Enneagram

Episode #30 – Before we dive headlong into the Enneagram & spiritual growth we have to lay the foundation of identity or the work will be for naught. In this episode we explore identity, how we’ve got it wrong (even with the Enneagram!), where it’s actually found & how to approach the Enneagram in light of our identity.

As If the Only One

Embedded within our primal desire to be known and loved, is our desire to belong and to matter.

In Christ You Are Becoming

You carry the testimony of Jesus and your life is like the fragrance of Him.
Your life is a prayer and you’ve dedicated your life to knowing Him.

Before You Were Born

Wherever your birth took place, whatever loving home you were raised in, or not raised in; you were His before your days were numbered.

DARE 2 HEAR: Dreaming in Times of Dragons

I love to read a good fiction book, but I have never had the opportunity to interview a fiction author on my podcast. This book is not written as a preachy gospel message, but it does indeed have a strong spiritual message throughout.  It is the perfect book to purchase for the pre-believer or believer.