Staying Faithful in a Faithless World

Day 240 of Bible Reading Plan – Staying faithful in a faithless world means we don’t let ourselves grow comfortable with the status quo. Don’t be lulled into the comfort zone and forget what matters most. Faithfulness positions us in a place to be recipients of grace.

Live Well, Lead Well

Day 239 of Bible Reading Plan – Being a leader is hard. We see people who claim to be Christians who rise to positions of power only to fall in front of everybody. This hurts the Christian witness to the world. And while this can be discouraging, it is also humbling—for we all are capable of falling.

God is Healing Hidden Trauma

But the desire to remain pure before the Lord produced an inner longing and humble heart. Know this: the humble will be exalted.

Arise, My Bride

Rise from the dust, my Bride, while there is still time. Take your place. Take your place by my side. We will war together.

Trusting The Mercy In God’s NO

In the days and weeks ahead, when ambition seeks to trample humility, let’s take a page out of Moses’ life and opt instead to see the mercy in God’s discipline; the mercy in His “no.”

Mark’s Gospel: Lord

Look to Jesus. Look to the disciples after Pentecost. Look to any truly great Christian leader and you will find humility.

My Strange Relationship

Almost daily, I realize how much I don’t deserve to be in this relationship. Suddenly, I’ll be on my knees in complete wonder of who He is.

After a Year of Silence

But a sense of pride developed in my privacy. The turtle shell became safe because it protected me from the world’s rejection. I didn’t need to worry about the number of likes because there wasn’t a photo there at all.

A Humble Preacher Heard by Millions

I can recognize Alistair Begg’s voice almost anywhere. His voice filled the car when I was a child. It bounced around the living room as I grew up, and has even graced my ears as an adult. He is a timeless teacher that has shaped not only my life but millions of other lives, too.