My Decluttering Method

Keep what makes you happy. Keep what you actually use. Display your memories in a way that makes you smile. Get rid of anything that doesn’t have a purpose in your home or life.

Royal Sisterhood

Episode #10 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife. What do you believe to be true about the Holy Spirit; and about salvation?

Genesis 13

Episode #13 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife. Walking through Genesis 13


Episode #16 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife

Negotiating a New Normal

While everything is slowly reopening and life is steadily inching back towards something that more closely resembles ‘normal’, there’s also this general sense that some of the changes to how we work, shop, and socialize are here to stay.

An Adoption Story with Guest Jeffrey Moore

#Episode 69 – Don’t miss this week’s special guest, Jeffrey Moore! His book We Believed explores God’s radical calling to the Moore family of adopting four siblings from Peru.

Finding Home: A Source of Peace

If you come to my house I know that you will feel safe, not because of the beautiful things but because the Lord is our shelter, refuge, and place of safety.

Being Famous to Your Family

Episode #29 – Jay and Jess are back this week, a little late because of corn-plant, discussing the importance of being famous to your family.


Overwhelming thoughts bring my mind to surrender

To the garden of my soul, I return, to find my Maker waiting for me.

Finding Rest

Yet, the longer I’m gazing on Him and spending time in fellowship with Him, I feel my heart coming to a place of being satisfied with God alone.