The Scriptures Remain

Don’t become so confident and pickled in modern, so-called enlightenment that you forget it’s all temporary. 

Luke’s Gospel: Centurion

Jesus always responded to the faith of those who called on Him, but this was the most unusual statement of faith He had yet to hear.

The Burden of Thinking

Paying attention is the tuition fee I give the world for tutoring me, and in turn, I sharpen my own spiritual perception because God made this world I’m observing.

Traveling, Intentionally

There are more people traveling than ever before! This is an awesome thing in my opinion, but it also brings up a lot of challenges.

Revealing and Restoring

What God was specifically revealing to me was His desire to give you the dreams, healings, gifts, anointings, and callings to you WITHIN the context of your family line.

Genesis 6: Part 2

Many early church fathers and notable individuals who had a lasting impact on Christianity interpreted the events of Genesis 6 in light of angels who sinned.

What You Value

I have never received an inheritance of money from anyone but the gift of living for the Kingdom of God is a birthright that is worth more than any financial gain.

Genesis 6: Part 1

A deeper look into the flood story in Genesis; what really caused the flood and was there a greater purpose to the judgment?

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Laodicea

Although Jesus doesn’t necessarily find anything He likes in terms of behavior with the Church of Laodicea, He seems to give them more words of encouragement.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Philadelphia

Jesus is referencing a time period after the millennium and great white throne judgment in which New Jerusalem will descend from heaven unto Earth where God will reside with His people forever.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Sardis

As we begin reading about the Church of Sardis, we immediately see that Christ is displeased with them and doesn’t see anything for them to be commended for.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Thyatira

The Church of Thyatira seems to be a church that’s fairly well doing even to Jesus. However, Jesus does have some things against them, like that they allow Jezebel to be in their midst. Who is Jezebel and how are the members of Thyatira suffering from her influence?

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Pergamos

The 3rd church in this study is the Church of Pergamos— the compromising church. Although they follow Jesus and hold fast to His name, they also allow others to commit a myriad of sins

The Dead Sea Scrolls

As Christians, we are told to walk by faith and not by sight; however, this doesn’t mean we can’t find archaeological evidence in support of what’s written in the Bible.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Smyrna

The passage concerning the Church of Smyrna is fairly quick but still holds a wealth of information. Although they are facing challenges and may be seen as poor in the flesh, they are “rich” – rich in Christ.

The 7 Churches of Revelation: Ephesus

The church of Ephesus has found partial favor in the eyes of Jesus. However, their one great flaw is that they’ve forgotten their first love. Jesus tells them to repent and to “do the first works.” What first works is Jesus referring to here, and how can we learn from the church of Ephesus?