He Remained Hidden

Remaining hidden is good unless God calls you to come out, to come forth.  

Treasures in the Sand

Really, there are such treasures in the Word of God. I am discovering things I have never seen before, ever.  

Invisible Afflictions

If you can remember that someone’s mental health is just as important and relevant as your physical health, you’re already helping more than you know.

Who are the Silent Majority?

Every day, we are surrounded by the silent servants of the Lord. They are the men and women of God who serve at the feet of others, not seen because the spotlight is currently highlighting someone else.

Life is Not a Masquerade

The past has no power over your future, so it’s time to expect a better tomorrow. God knows that masquerading is a hindrance to a genuine relationship with Him. Can you take off the mask and let Him love you just the way you are?