Heidi Baker

Bread in the House

God celebrates us. What was lost is now found. What was dead is now alive. There is much bread in His house for the ones coming home. In fact, He throws a feast!

Heidi Baker: Thousands Upon Thousands

The government began grouping people into large camps. Iris Ministries and the new pastors they had brought in moved out in droves, visiting these camps. They brought food and provisions. They shared the gospel. The people were so hungry for the hope of Christ.

Heidi Baker: Let the Children Come

They had no funding but had made the orphanage a home. They took in any child that needed help. The children were walking with the Lord, and they were worshiping together. The Lord was transforming these children as the Baker family loved and served them through the power of Jesus.

Heidi Baker: The Beginning of Surrender

It all began on March 13, 1976, when Baker was radically saved during a revival service on a Navajo Indian reservation in Mississippi. She was volunteering as an American field-service student. In response to a gospel presentation, at the age of 16, Baker received Jesus and became a child of God.