ALONG THE WAY: The Hell Conspiracy with Laurie Ditto

Laurie Ditto’s supernatural experiences in Heaven and Hell have radically affected her life and her passion to share the Gospel of Jesus where ever she can. The trauma she endured from her time in hell has compelled her to try to rescue as many people from the fiery pit as possible.

DARE 2 HEAR: Prophetic Secrets

It’s an honor to have Jennifer Eivaz back on the podcast. In today’s episode, we cover a variety of topics such as prophetic wisdom, the three different types of prophets, how prophets are called, and guidelines for communicating prophetic revelations. 

Jesus Still Raises the Dead

I couldn’t see anything. I could not see my mother, but I clearly heard her voice as though she were speaking to me face-to-face.

A Shower of His Light

Maybe you have felt very lackluster lately? He has greater ways to shine brightly within you.

Why Wait?

Life is so much better when we decide to live the way the Lord says to live and stop living by the world’s standards.

It Was the Moon That Woke Me Up

My prayer continues. I lift my head. I look up beyond the moon, beyond the stars with my heart reaching further than my hands could ever stretch.

Matthew’s Gospel: Galilee

His ministry was different from that of John. He would call people to repentance as John did, but Jesus would also bring a new perspective on the Old Covenant

Grasping For Perfection

Until we see Jesus face-to-face and God has made all things new, we’re all merely grasping for perfection here on this earth.

The Pathway To Becoming Love

Episode #105 – Don’t miss that. The kingdom of heaven is for those who are poor in spirit. The kingdom of heaven is for the humble.

Let it Rain!

We ask for the windows of Heaven to be opened.  Bring a shower of refreshing and a fresh wind of blessing to sweep across our lives.

Modern Day Idols

Episode #98 – Just like the Israelites worshipped the idol while they were waiting on God, my heart is also prone to wander in seasons of waiting. 

Ambassadors of Good

Episode #96 – “Whatever you did for one of the least of these you did for me” has become so popular and overused that we probably tend to gloss over at the reading of this story. 

Mark’s Gospel: Offerings

All of this secrecy works on the human level but it is useless in the spiritual realm. God sees and remembers!

Heaven, Hell, and the Older Brother

If our hearts don’t truly desire to see all our brothers and sisters “in the party” in this life and the next, it’s past time to repent.

Mark’s Gospel: Offenses

He/she enjoyed the touch and the attention of the Master and that was enough. Some among the Twelve longed to live a life just like that.