heart change

11 Ways to Guard Your Heart

It’s very difficult to protect ourselves from all manner of attack, whether it’s physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual, or otherwise.
Here are some considerations for guarding our hearts to protect our lives and the lives of others.


I got to thinking about anything in my life that I might idolize. Sometimes we don’t even realize that we have added idols to our life.

Lover of Prodigals

How difficult those many long years of waiting for the prodigal son to return must have been for the father, though the actual transformation only took a moment.

Mixed Motives: A Missionary’s Heart

My heart longed to live in Africa, to see Jerusalem, to visit far-off countries and islands and tell the world about a King that risked it all and came to die so they could be free. I wanted to change the world, and I wanted to be famous for Jesus.