hearing God’s voice

DARE 2 HEAR: Mystify – Mystics, Revival, and Encountering God

In today’s episode, we discuss what a mystic is, what generation revival is, and what it looks like, and how rationalization can diminish the supernatural before we give it a chance. God is our focus and true encounters always increase our connection to Jesus.  Join us for today’s power-packed episode and be prepared to be mystified and encounter God.

THE CHRISTIAN LIFE: How to Hear God’s Voice

Episode 6 – Hearing God’s Voice is one of the most vital things we do, as believers, to build our relationship with the Lord. In this episode, we look at examples of how people hear God’s voice, both in scripture and in the present day. These include hearing Him speak through the scriptures, hearing the audible voice of God, hearing the still, small “intuitive voice” of God. They also include visionary gifts, such as dreams, visions, and trances. And they include things like angelic visitations, physical sensations, and inspired speech.