The Struggle Is Real

He is not letting you drown. He is letting you go through a metamorphosis of your own, a process.

Freedom From the Porch of Weakness

I hate that I am part of this disgusting scene. Most sickening is the realization I did not have to be here. A prisoner to my long-term weakness.

Letting Go

If I am clutching onto something because I’m so afraid of losing it or that relationship, then maybe that’s not really love anyway. 

The Highest Price

As you’ve read this piece, how many more have given up? This month? This year? They were military veterans, sons, daughters, friends, and co-workers. They were businessmen, athletes, firefighters, and dentists.

The Summer God Crushed Me

I suppose I’ve learned that life as a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t have pain or loss. It simply means that even when you’re drowning, it can be beautiful because you’re not alone. The other side of pain is always lovely. There is indeed joy in the morning.