Look To The Mountains

Kingdom-minded sons and daughters realize that God shall complete what He began on this earth, through them.

Who’s Your King?

Day 258 of Bible Reading Plan – If Christ is our King, we will live differently. This world that surrounds us marches to the beat of whatever is politically correct in the moment. But our God is timeless. Our King rules over all whether or not people say He does. Who’s Your King? Does He lay down His life for you? Mine does. And I want to live for Him!

FASHION MEETS FAITH: 10 Makeup Mistakes That Age You

Is your makeup routine aging you? While many tried and true tips we learned in our youth still apply, as we grow older there are a few that may be worth retiring! On today’s Style Tip, Shari is sharing 10 makeup mistakes that age you and how to fix them!

Which Way is Right?

Day 243 of Bible Reading Plan – Ever have a GPS lead you the wrong way? I have a poor sense of direction, not gonna lie, and I rely on a GPS to guide me. But when it is wrong, I really need to know which way is right. Solomon guides us today to the right way of living. But knowing the right way and doing it are two different things. We still have to choose to follow directions or we will go the wrong way.

Hope Deferred Makes The Heart Sick

As I have gone through seasons of pain and hope deferred, I have learned to not lean on my own understanding but to lean into His arms of love.

It’s Simple

The truth is we are called to extend grace to those who have wronged us. And not just that, but you may be called to even intercede for them. That’s right, you may even be called to pray for them.

Why We Need The Holy Spirit: Part 2

There are hills we cannot climb without Him. There are battles we cannot win alone. There are times we need His arms to reassure us. And decisions we should never make without His input.

Guidance When We Need Direction

How sovereign the Lord is to have answered my prayer using the contents of a Bible in my journal box I hadn’t looked at in years.