DARE 2 HEAR: What is Happening to Me? with Jeannie Ortega Law

In her book, “What is Happening to Me? How to defeat Your Unseen Enemy” Jeannie shares her testimony and the redeeming power of God to help you defeat the enemy. Jeannie is a chart-topping singer and media personality allowing her to speak uniquely to the impact media can have on a person’s soul.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Growth for the Passive Husband

We’re kicking off a new 5 part spring series called “Ready, Set, Grow”, and today we’re talking about the powerful impact husbands have in the home and why they just might need to grow out of and move away from their passive ways.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Go Deeper Into God’s Presence

Episode #27 – Most people don’t realize that the Song of Solomon is about maturing in love. In today’s episode, we are diving into Chapter Five. We walk through seasons of testing and into seasons of awakening, so we can minister to others because we will KNOW He is the one. The Lord has led you through a season of trial, AFTER your salvation experience.

Nazarite Resurgence – Part 3

Episode #26 – In this episode, we will go deeper into what it means to walk in consecration as a lifestyle and I will share a prophetic dream about reaching the inner tent and presence of the Lord. Check out parts one and two if you haven’t!

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Nazarite Resurgence – Part 2

Episode #25 – In part one, we went into the invitation to meet God face to face. Part two talks about what this has to do with the generation of the consecrated ones. Do you feel like He is inviting you into a higher place of encounter with him? 

No Off Button for Christianity with Richie Seltzer

Episode #19 – Signs and wonders will follow those who believe. Do you see the supernatural in your life? Healing, deliverance, and miracles show up in your life when you are actively pursuing the burning love of God. Do not get stuck in hope deferred; be a steward of your faith. 

Fiery Love with Richie Seltzer

Episode #18 – While on a paint crew after getting out of jail, Richie Seltzer met men that had given their lives to Jesus and were on fire for God. The daily actions of these men oozed God’s redeeming grace and spurred Richie to a place of change. Hear his powerful testimony from brawler to a prophetic evangelist.

THE OTHER HALF PODCAST: Growth and the Enneagram

Episode #33 – Today we’re diving into what the healthy, average, and unhealthy spaces look like and what growing in your Enneagram type means while we examine movement to different types in stress & security.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: 20/20 Vision or Bust

Episode #1 – I expected my miracle to manifest differently. The experience was incredibly uncomfortable and downright embarrassing. I just wanted to go into a dark room alone and hide. My eyes went black, and when my vision began to return, the light was blinding.  I was gifted with LASIK surgery, not a sudden touch from God. 

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: End-Times Clarity with Billy Humphrey – Part 2

Episode #13 – Billy Humphreys dives deeper into eschatology (the study of the End-Times). In this new episode, we learn the difference between previous harvests and the coming Day of The Lord. We will see glory, trails, and heaven open over the earth at the same time as we see His final judgments.

Rescued From Darkness

If we are seed-bearers, that means we have seeds to lead inside.  
Those seeds need to be discovered, watered, and nurtured by the “Sonshine.”

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: End-Times Clarity with Billy Humphrey – Part 1

Episode #12 – Billy Humphreys brings clarity and understanding to eschatology (the study of the End-Times). Right now, we are in a reset. We are praying about what Jesus wants for the church during this time. The church is on a trajectory for the coming of the Lord Jesus.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Global Reset with Corey Russell

Episode #11 – My talk with Corey Russel is a barn burner! Corey spent ten plus years with IHOP Kansas City. The Lord is calling the Church into a season of fresh alignment with heaven and our families. He is preparing us for whatever comes around the corner.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Wake Up Church, Sound The Alarm

Episode #10 – Keep your lamp burning! We are standing in the time of awakening. Your cultivation of a relationship with God is more important than ever! Jesus is helping his disciples understand that he is a long time coming. Awaken, for the presence of God is here now!

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Burning Worship with Paul McRae

Episode #9 – Paul McRae is a worship artist, spiritual leader, and man burning for God. His music carries a sound like no other! Today, you’ll get a taste of his music from his latest album. You’ll also hear about his vision and plans for sharing the Gospel through music.