How to Best Hold Your Broken Heart

Without negating any of the anguish we feel, and truthfully acknowledging our loss and sorrow, we can look up at Him through our tears and, with open hands, offer up what was a gift from Him in the first place.

When You’ve Given Up on God

When it feels like you’re shouldering more than your fair share of the pain, it’s natural to doubt God’s goodness or to question whether he exists at all.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Dare to Believe God with Radio Personality Theresa Mills

Episode 17 – A dynamic On-Air Radio Personality, Theresa Mills leaned into the goodness of God and the power of praise during seasons of nearly losing her young daughter in a car accident and the unexpected loss of her husband early in their marriage. Her journey through tragedy and brokenness led her to discover that God has a bigger purpose for our pain.

Rebuilding the Impossible

Day 324 of Bible Reading Plan – Have you ever had a moment in your life when everything before your eyes was seemingly destroyed? Utter desolation. The grief is too much to bear and you struggle to comprehend it all, much less begin the effort of rebuilding. It is in such moments that everything we thought we knew is reevaluated through a new lens of great suffering. Rebuilding the impossible is possible when we fix our eyes on God, His Word, and promises. God makes a way where there seems to be no way.

How Grief Can Lead to Joy

This year has caused many people to experience some pretty deep grief. Perhaps you have found yourself hurting on levels you never even knew you could.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Have Courage and Be Kind with Melissa Eadie

Episode 32 – A gifted dancer and singer, Melissa was diagnosed with osteosarcoma and underwent chemotherapy at the tender age of 14, her 5’8” frame disintegrating to 98 pounds. With only a 1% chance of a return, cancer demanded the amputation of her leg at age 19. Now wise beyond her 28 years, she is a sought-after, LA trained make-up artist with a desire is to help others process loss, work through grief and to come out the other side stronger

How Grief Can be Transforming

As we choose to draw close to ‘the God of all comfort’, we open ourselves up to discovering that the God of all comfort is drawing near too.

THE JILL MONACO SHOW: Loss, Grief and Loving Again with Brittany Price Brooker

Episode #9 – Today we are talking to Brittany Price Brooker. She is a speaker, mama, wife, and singer/songwriter. She lives in the Atlanta GA area with her family and just may be a superhero. She has an incredible story and I’ve asked her to come and share her insight on how to love God in the midst of trials.

Lenten Meditation: Eulogize Your Living Loved One

We busily go through our lives, often thinking many kind thoughts and feeling loving, appreciative sentiments for our loved ones, but not stopping to put words and voice to them…nourishing the soul of ones we love.

In This Hour

All is within your power,
and yet, this cup remains;
and so, I beg you
Take this cup from me.

Tonight, We Grieve

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted,” John softly spoke the words that both men had offered to others in times of brokenness.

A Hard Heart or a Broken Heart

He is reminding all of Christendom in the epochs yet to come that the Lord is lovingly attentive to those who are enduring unimaginable pain.