Proven Tips on How to Be Optimistic

But when I pray with a thankful attitude, “Oh God thank you for how You are at work!” then my focus is not on me and the problem but back on God!

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Gratitude, God, and Science

Are you grateful for your spouse? They don’t always make it easy, do they? But did you know there’s a lot of science behind what gratitude does to your brain and mental health? There are also big impacts it can make on your marriage.

EXPEDITION MARRIAGE: Walking in an Attitude of Gratitude

Today’s show is the first part of a two-part series on Gratefulness. And oh, what a time we live in for living with an attitude of gratitude. If you can pull off walking in gratefulness during this season, you will surely be recognized as someone who is set apart!

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: Ten Tips for Gratitude this Thanksgiving and Year

Episode #143 – Sometimes we just don’t want to be grateful. We want to sulk and nurse our wounds. Eeyore gets it. But genuine gratitude is not fake. It flows from hearts that realize that gratitude in the creation rather than in the Creator will always leave us empty. Listen in to this replay of an episode from Denise Pass and Micah Maddox as they share ten tips for gratitude in life’s mundane moments.

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: Choosing Gratitude in Hard Places

Episode #142 – Can we really choose gratitude in the hard places? How? We can be in a hard place and not become hardened. Listen in to this episode as Denise and Angela finish this series on gratitude and learn how to be set free from the prison of ingratitude.

SEEING DEEP PODCAST: The Benefits of Gratitude

Why be grateful? Is it possible to be grateful when life is hard? Listen in as we share ten Scriptures and the benefits of gratitude to reflect on this Thanksgiving as well as my favorite things about Thanksgiving and some recipes from last year for you to try!

BLACK AND WHITE: Choosing Gratitude—Provision

Episode #141 – The month of gratitude is here! Are we truly grateful for what God has provided? God’s provision is an undeserved gift, not a right. And sometimes we take for granted His incredible blessings. Choosing gratitude is not something that happens naturally, but we are cultivating gratitude all month long here on the podcast. Listen to this refreshing episode and learn how we can be grateful for God’s provision.

Joy is Chosen

Day 301 of Bible Reading Plan – Joy does not just happen. It is something we get to decide whether or not we experience it. And true joy can occur in hard or good times. Joy is chosen. And when it is, there is nothing that can steal our joy.

Why We Worship

Day 256 of Bible Reading Plan – Why worship? Because we need to. And we were made for this purpose. Look back over your life and see what our faithful God has done. When we remember God’s kindness and give thanks, we take the focus off of self and put it on One Who is higher than us.

One Day in Jericho

Once again, the good people of Jericho rebuked the man who had forgotten his place in the community.