11 Ways to Guard Your Heart

It’s very difficult to protect ourselves from all manner of attack, whether it’s physical, emotional, verbal, spiritual, or otherwise.
Here are some considerations for guarding our hearts to protect our lives and the lives of others.

Love Does

Day 236 of Bible Reading Plan – Jesus commands us to love one another. This is not a suggestion, and it is a witness to the world around us. How often people can hold grudges against one another and gossip about those they are supposed to love. Let’s love one another sacrificially and passionately so the world wants in on this kind of love.

What’s the Rub

Unity is created in an atmosphere of being understood, at least in trying to understand someone else’s point of view.  It’s an atmosphere of mutual respect and love.

From Dish-Rags to Riches

As I scrubbed each dish, I was reminded that God never gives up on the grit. He uses as much time as He needs in our lives to set us right again.