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ALONG THE WAY: O Little Town of Bethlehem with Mark Cornacchione

Episode #77 – Christmas Eve 2003, Host John Matarazzo and Mark Cornacchione were part of a team that spent 6 weeks ministering in Israel from mid-December to the end of January. God gave them an opportunity of a lifetime… to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ in Bethlehem, on Christmas Eve. Mark and John reminisce about the life-changing events from that mission trip.

God’s Gossip: A Story Worth Telling

Just as gossip ceases to exist when people stop sharing it, so does the gospel. It becomes useless; having no effect in bringing people into salvation.

To Us And For Us

That day of rest will come for Job and for anyone who has been in a battle for a long time.   

Under the Influence

Day 238 of Bible Reading Plan – Driving under the influence will likely get one to lose their license. And living under the influence of the devil might get you to lose your life. Rather than merely being influenced by the world, God is calling us to be influencers with the Gospel, the most powerful message in the world that changes hearts and minds.

More Shocking News

We are proud. We are selfish. We are messed up. This reality has been true, is true, and always will be true at some level until there is a new heaven and a new earth.

What Is the Gospel?

Not only is the gospel a story, but it’s a good story. Good stories have many layers to them, and the gospel is no different.

Spring Sprung

Then new life begins to build. Suddenly, that dead person has become alive as never before.

Superhero Parallels

Our culture proclaims, “You only save yourself,” but box-office statistics and God-spoken Scripture tell us otherwise. Despite our best efforts, we need a Savior.