God’s plan

ALONG THE WAY: Start Where You Are with Rashawn Copeland

Rashawn Copeland learned the hard way that no matter how far away from God, you can Start Where You Are and still get back in line with God’s plan for your life. His testimony is compelling and it is easy to hear the joy of the Lord in his voice and sense the call of God on his life.

The Train of Destiny

The old track was not able to lead you to the destination God had originally promised.  

DARE 2 HEAR: The Voice of Truth

There are a variety of voices vying for attention, center stage, and control in our lives. These voices will attempt to discourage you, to dissuade you, to confuse you, and even stop you from walking out God’s plan for your life. We discuss some of the voices you must tune out such as the voice of the past, reason, doubt, and pride, just to name a few.

Mark’s Gospel: Sent

And so it is with us. Jesus has called us out. He has sent us into this world to continue His work. In His name, we have power over the enemy.

Our Testimonies: Terre Workman

He completely covers our past, forgives and forgets our sin, walks with us in our present, and anoints every step of our future.

Who’s Driving?

Nothing is worse while you are driving than being subjected to a backseat driver (who is sometimes at the front seat in the form of your spouse).

What Is the Gospel?

Not only is the gospel a story, but it’s a good story. Good stories have many layers to them, and the gospel is no different.


We are the translators to the world around us of what God is doing and saying. Plan to be a beacon. Ask for someone to be put there for you to love on. Face your moments with intentionality in mind