God’s grace

555— The Great Grace of God

The law of God (Moses) merely reveals to us that we all have fallen short and are slaves to sin, to our own depravity, so that we can run to the grace that sets us free!


Grace is waking up each morning to another day. It’s what I embrace as I choose to walk the narrow way.

One Day in Jericho

Once again, the good people of Jericho rebuked the man who had forgotten his place in the community.

Am I Not Enough?

God knows that I can’t adequately answer that question even if I tried my hardest. But I’m glad He’s patient enough to allow me to keep trying.

The Grace Card

Extending grace is essential, but it does not mean that we skip holding people accountable for what they’ve done.

No Days Off

God overlooks this laundry list of flaws and tirelessly takes care of me. No days off. No nasty attitude. No holding a grudge. Nothing of that sort.