God’s goodness

LIV2DAY: Connecting to Self + Ask Dr. Paula on the Pineal Gland

Have you or someone you know ever received “that phone call” from a doctor? In today’s new podcast episode, Dr. Paula shares how, at age 43, this phone call would send her on a journey to ask herself hard questions, discover God deeply, and claim her true identity in Him.

ALONG THE WAY: God Uses Bridges and Cracked Pots with Patsy Clairmont

Episode #25 – Patsy Clairmont was agoraphobic and afraid to leave her bed. She called out to God for help and she heard him say “Make your bed”. That was the first step that led to a public speaking ministry and authoring many books. Hear her story and the new podcast that she and Andrew Greer are doing together that is bridging the generational gap.

MOVING ON: All To Jesus I Surrender

Episode #36 – Jay and Jess sit down this week to discuss surrendering to God’s will for their lives in order to experience true peace. They want to share the amazing grace that has occurred once they’ve pushed through the difficult, and uncomfortable days. It’s becoming quite obvious that the “easy” does not exist anymore, and/or gets them nowhere. 

REAL VICTORY RADIO: Both Hand Foundation with JT OLSON

Episode #117 – This weekend on RVR, we’ve got Both Hands Foundation, founder, JT Olson. He’s on the show sharing the story behind this faith-based non-profit serving orphans and widows. With over 153 million orphans worldwide and the costs of adoption on the rise, their mission is to fulfill James 1:27 by serving orphans, widows, and Christian adoptive families.

How to Rely on God

Day 269 of Bible Reading Plan – God gave us clear directions on how to be in His favor and we broke them. Then life got hard. And God still made a way back to Himself. But sometimes we can be a stubborn lot and try to do things our way, right? It starts by remembering what God has done and what He will be faithful to do again. Relying on anything or anyone else will fail.

MAKE LIFE MATTER: Give God Your Yes with Filmmaker Sharon Wilharm

Episode #22 – Sharon Wilharm is an award-winning female filmmaker, Christian speaker, and ministry leader. Initially reluctant to step into God’s call, Sharon gave God her yes and saw Him move in the miraculous. Whatever might be holding you back, Sharon’s story will encourage you to take a leap toward your destiny.

Our Testimonies: Terre Workman

He completely covers our past, forgives and forgets our sin, walks with us in our present, and anoints every step of our future.

Someone Else’s Hunger

If it’s important to me that I serve others well and fill their stomachs, why is it not a priority to fill mine?

The Kingdom Here. Now.

There’s feasting, laughter, and dancing to do now. Before the diamond comes, before that womb is full, before the debt is canceled. Let’s fall in love smack dab in the middle of our in-between time.

Thankfulness vs. Entitlement

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey’s powerful message on living a life of thankfulness rather than entitlement. Roy challenges us to seek God with thankfulness with the same urgency as our needs.

A Word to the Expectant Mother

You can’t afford to give an ear to all the voices that are trying to speak into you right now. Your heart is the place from which your very life flows.

God’s Goodness

So whether you’re at the lowest valley in your life, like David or you’re at the highest peak remember He is with you. He hears your cries and your praises.