God’s faithfulness

Pressing into Supernatural Provision with Thanksgiving and Testimony delete

Of course, God’s provision is rich, much more than just pennies! But sometimes walking in great grace starts with recognizing the little miracles like metro tokens and quarters falling from thin air, and thanking God. In our last post, we shared about a paradigm for supernatural giving and supernatural provision which doesn’t include the legalism. […]

Am I Not Enough?

God knows that I can’t adequately answer that question even if I tried my hardest. But I’m glad He’s patient enough to allow me to keep trying.

Faithful Love

He is faithful to me when I’m totally unfaithful to Him. He is committed to my wellbeing when I don’t even give Him the time of day. He extends grace even after all of the times I’ve taken it and used it as a paper towel to clean up the mess that I would make again and again.