God is moving

The God Collide

In this hour, I believe God is looking for willing sons and daughters of God, full of His word and His spirit, to send forth into all realms of society to bring Heaven to earth.

When the Wind Blows

Although the Israelites could not see the wind as it blew across the waters, the evidence of its existence was seen and heard by all.

Speed Up

This is an hour where we must each be in a position to manifest the power of God to see the lost saved and those in bondage set free.


Whenever we do not believe the prophetic words and promises God has spoken over our lives, we are opposing God’s will for our lives by holding onto doubt.

Where is the Zeal for My House?

Allow the zeal for His house to consume you. Let the fire of God burn within your soul to fuel your prayers and sound forth a battle cry that shatters the darkness.

This Is Not What Is Happening

Do not shrink back in fear in this season! Advance forward in faith, knowing that God’s plans are still going to come to pass.

The Elect Positioned

My timing is perfect, as you arise and shine; my glory will be imparted, remember you are mine.