glory of God


Episode #84 – This month we have explored being whole and healthy – mentally, physically, emotionally. How are you BEing, friends? Life is not just about doing, but being. As we are restored to being whole, we have an opportunity to live out our lives as a legacy for others to follow. Being in Christ should impact all of our life.
Listen in and learn about how we can live a legacy all for the glory of God.

A Conversation in Redemption

“In my heart I feel that joy and tender move I know so well…
moving moods and welling those rooms of my heart…”

The Christmas Story: Jesus

To whisper that name was for Mary and Joseph an instant rescue from the perils of each day. It was a one-note lullaby singing them to sleep each night.


Our God is holy and He has called us to be holy. This inspirational poem reminds us of who He is and who we are.

The Spirit-led Artist: Part 7

Christian artists are servants of the King of kings with a commission from Him. He does not have to put one artist down to advance another.

Living A Life Unleashed With Lisa Bishop

Join Jill as she talks to Lisa Bishop about biblical literacy, spiritual maturity, and experiencing and reflecting the heart of God. It’s time to live a life unleashed!

If You Believe, You’ll See the Glory of God

Peter and John met a lame man. Peter said “What I have, I give you. In Jesus’s name, get up and walk.” As a child and teenager, when my thoughts were wondering, I would sometimes fantasize about doing what Peter did. If I would believe, I would see the glory of God.