The Day the World Broke

There was a moment when the world passed from the idyllic and perfect, to the ironic and tragic.

Biblical Leadership

At the final judgment, men will cast all their crowns at the feet of Jesus…until that day comes,
God looks for, calls, and appoints men and women who will lead in every area of life, including the church.

New Garments Given

The swaddling cloth that once encircled this newborn baby, Jesus, is now a Robe of Righteousness that covers the floor of heaven.

Genesis 13

Episode #13 of Ann Lindholm’s podcast “Just” a Housewife. Walking through Genesis 13

Grasping For Perfection

Until we see Jesus face-to-face and God has made all things new, we’re all merely grasping for perfection here on this earth.

Study of Genesis 6: Part 1

In this episode, learn who the sons of God are, what really caused the flood, and how you can better argue for this portion of the Bible.

The Same Old Trap

Episode #74 – The same is true for us. How different would our lives be if, when someone or something raises a question, we went right to the source?

The Beginning

Episode #73 – And God made mankind in their image. Their? Yes, their. Genesis 1:26 says “Let us make mankind in our image.” Plural.

Genesis 6: Part 2

Many early church fathers and notable individuals who had a lasting impact on Christianity interpreted the events of Genesis 6 in light of angels who sinned.

Genesis 6: Part 1

A deeper look into the flood story in Genesis; what really caused the flood and was there a greater purpose to the judgment?

Study of Genesis 6: Part 1

In this episode, learn how you can better argue for this portion of the Bible, who the sons of God are, and what really caused the flood. 

The Meaning of Holiness

We become holy, not so that we can primarily behave better but so that we can bless the world in the name of Jesus.

The Devil’s Snare

We were hooked on the empty promises and the heavenly picture in front of us. Our heads were in a tailspin. We felt like we were staring into the eyes of paradise. “Just sign right here,” he said.

Crazy Amazing Love: 31 Pieces of Love

The concept of sin didn’t even exist yet in the heart or mind of man. Adam was complete. But God gave one simple specification to Adam: do not eat from this particular tree.

The Self-Existence of God

The intelligent boasts that there’s nothing they do not know or that there is nothing they cannot learn, but the humble admit that there’re some things they can never know.

Identity Part II: Vice Regents

God does not remove the rule of the earth from man, nor does He give it to the enemy. God makes humanity the Vice Regents of Earth—sovereigns accountable only to Him. Mankind’s high position of creation in God’s image is matched by the great responsibility of leadership.

Identity Part I: The Image of God

From identity flows nature, meaning, and purpose. If we can learn who we are, then every belief and action gushes from that knowledge.

True Intentions

God looks at our intentions. Our hearts paint a very different picture of the person we really are. If I am giving God my leftovers, what does that say about my affections for Him?