Re-gifting at Christmas: Generosity

Episode #97 – When God has been so generous with us, we have so many opportunities to do the same. Listen in as Denise and Angela share how to re-gift generosity.

A Christmas Carol: Chapter 5

“Hallo!” growled Scrooge, in his accustomed voice, as near as he could feign it. “What do you mean by coming here at this time of day?” 

A Christmas Carol: Chapter 1

Gather with your family and read together about Scrooge’s journey as he meets the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come.


When I would see people being generous, it really baffled me. How could people let go so easily?

Acts of Random Kindness

Acts of Random Kindness. They are literally exactly what they sound like. Little things that we can do for those around us out of the kindness of our hearts.

Willing Vessel

When God gives us the opportunity to do something for His glory, there will be evil forces at play. It’s like a game of tug of war. My flesh gave me so many excuses to bail on this assignment from God, but because I was in tune with the Spirit and allowing Him to guide me, I was able to make the right decision.