Rescued From Darkness

If we are seed-bearers, that means we have seeds to lead inside.  
Those seeds need to be discovered, watered, and nurtured by the “Sonshine.”

BLACK AND WHITE PODCAST: Taming Social Media – Examining the Fruit

Episode #134 – The impact social media is having on our culture is significant. What fruit is social media bearing in your life? All generations need to examine habits with social media but can learn to use social media well. Listen in as Denise and her son Daniel Dovel discuss the ups and downs of social media use and discuss 7 undesirable fruits of social media use.

A Tree And Its Fruit

God uses the analogy of fruit to help us distinguish the false from the truth that lies within people.

Luke’s Gospel: Future

The future is coming for each of us. The choices we make today determine what that future will be. Without Jesus, each of us is headed for ruin.

Matthew’s Gospel: Trees

We don’t have to wonder long about what is in someone’s heart. All we have to do is listen to the words they say.

Love Doesn’t Quit

Episode #111 – Love keeps on forever abiding. Because love is a personal sacrifice, something we give away, the moment we stop giving it, we stop being love.

Matthew’s Gospel: Repentance

Standing and preaching in the river, John plunged the repentant ones under the water as a public act representing the inward reversal their lives.

Rotten, Woke Fruit

When we say we want Christians who are honored, valued, and flourishing, do we mean at any and all costs?

Mark’s Gospel: Whatever

In the days ahead, each of them would learn that the Lord would expect fruit from them, in season or out. They would produce!

The Truth That Heals

We are immersed in a culture that says the truth is whatever we want it to be, and self-centered living is the key to freedom. God tells us it’s His truth that convicts and actually sets us free to live fruitful and abundant lives.

The Thicket Part 5: Awakening

There is no wiser decision than trusting him. My choice is to follow him, to fully yield my heart and mind, and to place my life and future in his hands.

The Thicket Part 3: Thorns

Now I was feeding others the same fruit that I knew had enslaved me. I was helpless to stop it, and part of me delighted in it.

The Thicket Part 2: Downhill

I reached up, and a perfectly ripened fruit seemed to fall into my hand. I hesitated as I considered the gatekeeper’s words: “It will only bring you harm.”

Squeeze the Goodness

Do not miss the goodness that is ripe around you. Squeeze out every drop of My love, revelation, and blessings that you can grab hold of today!


They had grown so big and beautiful. Of the three or four that I cut out, two of them had fruit growing on them. But the reason I removed them was for the better of the whole plant.

The Devil’s Snare

We were hooked on the empty promises and the heavenly picture in front of us. Our heads were in a tailspin. We felt like we were staring into the eyes of paradise. “Just sign right here,” he said.

How to Become a Fruit-Bearer

By focusing only on the negative, I became bitter with my work. But when I was able to see the privilege, the opportunity to serve my fellow man, I was able to find fulfillment in my healthcare calling.