Godzila Is On Main Street

The beast began to chase people down the street. It had such anger and rage in its eyes. People began to scream in terror as the beast charged forward.

THE Truth

Episode #85 – We have to be established in the truth in order to withstand the crashing waves of relativism.

Navigating Through Transition

We have transitioned more times than I can count over the last 10 years, but this one has by far been the hardest…emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Sinking Sand

Emotions are fleeting, and they cannot be trusted. Oh, and that running negative dialogue in your head? It can’t be trusted either. But what can be trusted? The living Word of God.

Glue and Sawdust

The vast majority of the world anchors its faith in wealth, intelligence, self-gratification…glue and sawdust, if you will. Yet God is far from glue and sawdust; He’s a giant Redwood towering above the earth with unfathomable strength and majesty.