Empowered to Forgive

Episode #39 – The gospel alone empowers us to forgive. We are called to forgive as God in Christ has forgiven us.

God of Justice God of Peace

So what does it mean to love justice? I think we cannot fully understand this without the knowledge of the Gospel.

Dealing with the Negativity from Others

Not only were they just opinions but they were criticisms and judgments and negativity from people whom I once considered close to me. People who I thought would encourage me, support me, and be there for me

Acorns of Life: One Leaf at a Time

You can do what she did. You can take the offense and the offender to Jesus, asking Him to forgive you for the resentment and maybe even bitterness you feel.

Twigs, Beams, and Forgiveness

Listen to Outreach Church Senior Pastor Roy Geesey with a message on how a heart of forgiveness doesn’t mean we can’t bring correction.

Pain Reminds Us What’s Important

All that other little stuff that we often let bother us… isn’t worth it. Enjoy life as much as you can and thank the Lord every single day.

Letting Go

If I am clutching onto something because I’m so afraid of losing it or that relationship, then maybe that’s not really love anyway. 

A Thousand Times

So what is forgiveness anyway? Is it ignoring wrongs done and simply brushing them under the rug? Is it being passive and letting people abuse you?