Luke’s Gospel: Apostles

It was time for Jesus to select from among the multitudes that followed Him those who would be His primary representatives.

The Character of God and Hell

Episode #94 – As followers of Jesus, we are commanded to turn the other cheek, walk the extra mile, and so forth. Why? Is it just because that’s what love does? Or could there be more?

Mark’s Gospel: Seasons

This was no parable; this was about to happen—to them! None of them wanted to believe it, but how could they doubt the words of Jesus?

Mark’s Gospel: Return

Finally, everyone would see Jesus the way they did—in all the greatness He was careful to hide every day. They could process this prediction and they did.

Mark’s Gospel: Serving

We need to fall before the Lord, seeking what He wants us to do for Him, not the other way around!

Mark’s Gospel: Following

He knew what was coming and though He tried to warn them, He knew there was no way they could know what was ahead for them.