I want to surround my husband, children, friends, and yes, even myself with a tone that is set from beautiful Biblical wisdom and not from the things of this earth.

DARE 2 HEAR: Prophetic Alignment, Part 2 – Partnering with Prophetic Words

Just because a prophetic word is released doesn’t mean it is automatically going to happen. There are certain things we must do in order to partner with the prophetic word and come into alignment with it.  There is a huge difference between deciding and doing. We discuss several key steps you can do to align yourself to partner with the prophetic word spoken. 

DAD HACKERS: Order of Man with Ryan Michler

Episode #32 – You don’t have to live a life of business and chaos. Ryan Michler—a man who knows a thing or two about living life on purpose—joins us in this episode to talk about the power of saying no, the importance of accountability, and the mindset shift you need to make.

Why We Worship

Day 256 of Bible Reading Plan – Why worship? Because we need to. And we were made for this purpose. Look back over your life and see what our faithful God has done. When we remember God’s kindness and give thanks, we take the focus off of self and put it on One Who is higher than us.

MOVING ON: As Many Reps As Possible

Episode #12 – This week we discuss the benefits of exercise and physical activity in reaching new levels of health, happiness, and clarity that are SURE to help us thrive in each of our relationships with our families, friends, and ourselves!

Get Unstuck From The Comparison Trap

Someone will always be something “er” more than you and me. It’s lethal to fix our eyes where we feel we lack and focus where we feel someone else has something in spades.

Faithful Servant

By trying so hard to be like someone else, not only do we try to mirror them but we give up our own identity.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Wouldn’t it be so nice to enjoy this holiday season and not have to make your New Year’s resolution to lose the weight you gained over the holidays?

Great Expectations

When our hearts are healthy and free, we are able to dream, and thus allow God to use our imagination to partner with Him to see His will accomplished in our lives.

The Scariest Word in Christianity

Our lives are spinning out of control, most of us running at an unsustainable pace. And we’re minimizing the one thing that is the only thing able to hold our lives together.


We are the translators to the world around us of what God is doing and saying. Plan to be a beacon. Ask for someone to be put there for you to love on. Face your moments with intentionality in mind

Sometimes the Snake Bites

If your focus is on Jesus, then you can walk away unharmed, but if you choose to give that nasty snake any of your attention, you better be prepared to have some of that bitter venom enter your bloodstream. The attention that you give to your negative circumstances is not worth the death of your hope and focus on Jesus.

Be Joyful Now: Joy on Layaway Part 2

The funny thing is joy isn’t even the point. Jesus is the point. Focus on Jesus, and joy will come. I doubt you can be focused on Jesus and not have joy.

Stay the Course

When we start to feel worn out, discouraged, and hopeless, it may mean we have strayed off course. We need to remind ourselves who and whose we are. We are daughters and sons of the most high King. We should remind ourselves where we are seated. We are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the Father.