LIV2DAY: Exercise

Join Dr. Paula on this brief introduction to how to get your body moving one muscle at a time, even if you have compromised joints or a disability. You do not have to become a top athlete in order to improve your health and overall fitness.

TAMMIE SOUTHERLAND: Gospel In Fitness with Laura Aguillard – Part 1

Episode #16 – Laura Aguillard is taking the fitness industry by storm with the Gospel! Laura had an audible encounter with God; this was a turning point that confirmed her identity in HIM. Hear about Laura’s vision of the coming of the Lord and how she is leading people into their God-given purpose as a pastor and health coach.

MOVING ON: As Many Reps As Possible

Episode #12 – This week we discuss the benefits of exercise and physical activity in reaching new levels of health, happiness, and clarity that are SURE to help us thrive in each of our relationships with our families, friends, and ourselves!

Take Back Your Health with Raw Truth Recharge

Episode 27 – Are you tired of feeling tired? Would you like to get and stay healthy? Registered Nurse, Nutritionist, and Fitness Expert, Robbie Raugh shares how to become your own health advocate.

Beach Body Blues

I have recently noticed that my bad days of body shame do not just pop out of nowhere. They start with something silly and small.

Fitting in Fitness

No matter where you are with trying to make fitness work for you, be encouraged that you’re not alone. Fitting in fitness can be challenging, but you can do it.

Clarence, The Trainer

God desires to train us to be strong for Him. Anything He asks of me is the best. He is all-knowing in every arena of life. Unlike a human coach, He never pushes too hard or too softly. His ways are perfect.

One Body

When I hit 40, I think I had an epiphany that I only get one body, and it was high time I started taking that more seriously.  I started reflecting on the fact that God made me in His image.